Friday, November 14, 2008

Whispering Imps

For Rebecca
A Visual History of Whispering Imps On Magic Posters


rebecca said...

*drooool* Wow! Just incredible! But it's not fair - I want them all! (Except for the David Blaine one they slipped in there - haha.) And I love that they call them "Whispering Imps". There are just so many elements in those posters that I love... like the levitating women, for example. I love that! So ethereal and mysterious! So haunted and feminine! Gorgeous.

I actually just won an ebay auction today for this Kassner poster that I am going to frame and give to Stephen for Solstice (as opposed to Christmas, you see). I do want to start collecting these posters though, like on a serious level. We'll see . . .

October Effigies said...

These always remind me of you. Of course when I come across a Kassner poster. What a killer find! Its so unique from most magician posters. Please do share your collection as it grows!