Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Corpse Vanishes (1942)

Bela Lugosi, Luana Walters, Angelo Rossitto


rebecca said...


Cindy M said...

Very nice, thank you. I have a collection of Lugosi films, 5 of them; unfortunately "The Corpse Vanishes" isn't one of them. :-(

October Effigies said...

Thanks Rebecca!
Thanks Cindy!
I got this off a three film dvd with this one, White Zombie and one body to many off of Netflix. Will have to keep an eye out for the fiver set. They are owners for sure.

Gustav Augusta said...

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yours Gustav Augusta

October Effigies said...

Thank you Gustav from the ladies of The Obscure Hollow! We appreciate it! On another note, your dolls are beautiful!~KK

sMacThoughts said...

OH OH Oh! I love every lovely scene!