Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The House That Dripped Blood (1970) [Method For Murder]

Vampires! Voodoo! Vixens! Victims!
TERROR waits for you in every room. . .

This is, in my opinion, the perfect Obscure Hollow film! Four short stories in one beautiful package! Rather than leave so many good images out by squeezing all 4 stories into one post, I thought I would give each story it's own post. ♥

These are from the first story, called "Method For Murder".

Starring: Denholm Elloit + Joanna Dunham

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Yve said...

I think I remember seeing this on TV when I was a kid, is it the one with Christopher Lee and the little girl with the voodoo doll?

I had a massive crush on Christopher Lee as a child, how wrong is that?

micha michelle said...

so is this a hammer film, or just a random lee/cushing horror film? i couldn't tell from the imdb listing.

for years i've been meaning to dive wholeheartedly in to the entire hammer collection. it's quite overwhelming though... so many movies, so little time.

...and no yve, it is never wrong to have a crush on christopher lee.

October Effigies said...

One of my favorite Amicus films! Especially the second and the third out of the anthology of course because of Mr. Cushing and Mr. Lee. You did wonderfully capturing that amazing house! Cant wait to see the others!

rebecca said...

micha - it's an Amicus Productions film.

yve - yes, that is story #3, and christopher lee crush is SO not wrong!

kerrykate - thank you!


Yve said...

Tee hee, glad I'm not alone! :o)