Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Uninvited (1944)

Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey


ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! TOH...
Once again...very nice screenshots from a film that I just purchased over there on (In the VHS format...I don't think that it's available on DVD yet...) Therefore, I hope to have it tranferred to DVD...But, in the meantime, I had to purchase a DVD/VHS order to watch hard-to-find films such as this film.
I really like this film (The Uninvited)...because it's so atmospheric.

Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

ratatouille's archives said...

By the way,
here goes an article about actress Gail Russell's tragic life. It a shame that some people think that she was "just an alcoholic" in reality...I think the fact, that she was "painfully" shy led to all her...troubles.

Actress Gail Russell

phil vas said...

Great shadows!

merricat said...

A friend of mine urged me to watch this film a few years ago, as she thought she discovered an actual ghost, (if there is such a thing), in the background of a scene. It was a great find. I have to go back and ask her exactly where to find it again.