Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Addams Family (TV Series 1964–1966) S01E01



micha michelle said...

i have always been absolutely in love with the addams family house, well and all the addamses in it.

kk - sorry to be absent for so long. there are major changes a foot. i still have an ever growing list of films i'd like to contribute. if only sleep wasn't a daily requirement.

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! The Obscure Hollow...
Nice screen-shots Of the classic show "The Addams Family" which I just discovered through re-runs.

I also like the re-make with actress Angelica Huston and Christine Ricci, if only director Tim Burton, would have gotten his "hands" on the material.
Thanks, for sharing!
deedee ;-)

Sweet Lily said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

BowsByMaude said...

I loved the Adam's family and the Munsters when I was growing up (in re-runs) Something about things being in black and white made them seem sooooo much creepier.


Little Gothic Horrors said...

I love 'The Addams Family' beyond description! This is a gorgeous blog!!