Thursday, June 25, 2009

Incubus (1965)

William Shatner, Allyson Ames, Eloise Hardt, Ann Atmar
All the spoken dialogue is in Esperanto. Here is a entertaining clip from the Daily Show about this one time lost film and language.


Daniel said...

The demon is amazing, and Shatner was totally Shatner.

All sorts of weird stuff surrounded the cast of this movie including murders and suicides.

October Effigies said...

Yeah there supposedly was some kind of curse or just strange coincidences

(Copy and pasted from Wikipedia)
"Many cast members met unfortunate fates after the film wrapped, giving rise to an urban legend that Incubus was a cursed production.

* Actor Milos Milos killed his girlfriend (the estranged wife of Mickey Rooney, Barbara Ann Thomason Rooney) and himself in 1966[1].
* Actress Ann Atmar committed suicide weeks after the film wrapped[1].
* The daughter of actress Eloise Hardt was kidnapped and murdered[1].
* Director Leslie Stevens and actress Allyson Ames divorced, and Stevens' production company Daystar went bankrupt[1].

Anonymous said...

I've seen Incubus - even have a copy of it (you can get it on I found it fun to watch, but the dialog hard to follow in Esperanto due to the atrocious pronunciaton :-).

... this one time lost film and language

Don't know if the word "lost" is meant to apply to both "film" and "language", or just to "film". I suspect the latter, but in case it's the former, while not spoken by everyone, Esperanto does have a solid community of about 2,000,000 speakers and growing the world over who use it regularly. More "underappreciated" than "lost".

October Effigies said...

I was referring to the film as being once lost. I had no idea so many people speak it these days.

Max the drunken severed head said...

An under-appreciated film. Nice to see it here!

Rude Shaft Witch Craft said...

Didn't French & Saunders spoof this?