Monday, January 19, 2009

The Private Eyes (1981)

Tim Conway, Don Knotts


rebecca said...

my brother and i must have watched this movie 100 times when we were kids. i still love it. what a great choice for this blog, too!

October Effigies said...

Thanks. Never saw it until recently. What a great house. Loved the poisoning scene through the removable panel and all the secret doors. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken are on AMC on the 27th at 11am.. never seen that either.

Tenebrous Kate said...

HOLY COW! This was my FAVORITE movie when I was a wee kid--I think I've seen this movie a couple dozen times. Oh the sweet, awesome memories of my tiny spookiness. Baron XIII and I thought we were the only people who remembered this movie! Awesome post--thanks for sharing :)

micha michelle said...

you must watch the ghost and mr. chicken. i watched it over the holidays with my mom. it's hilarious and so much fun. the house is amazing, damask walls + cobwebs galore, tremendous obscure hollow potential. i especially love the pipe organ with the bloody keys.
i'll have to be sure to get my hands on the private eyes, as well.

rebecca said...

Tenebrous Kate - my favorite 'killer's letter' in the film was the one that came after Jock, the "groom", was killed. . .

If Jock could talk
he'd give you a clue.

But now that he's dead
what can you do?

He deserved what he got
I don't regret it a bit.

By the way, you're
standing in bull ca-ca...

SO funny!!