Friday, January 9, 2009

What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (1969)

Geraldine Page, Ruth Gordon


Unknown said...

I just found your blog and fell in love. :D Many thanks for creating such an impressive haven!

October Effigies said...

Thank you Justus! So glad that you enjoy our little haven :)

rebecca said...


I've never heard of "What Ever Happened To Alice?", so I am super excited to find it now! Also I realized that I didn't send your DVD's + CD's in your package, but I have not forgotten, and will be getting another package out to you soon. I have another Obscure Hollow idea to discuss with you too, so I will probably email you about it tomorrow.

Thanks for joining us! We love doing it, so it's great when other people enjoy it too!!


October Effigies said...

I never heard about it before and was doing searches on netflix looking for old Ruth Gordon films and happened upon it. I could not resist that cover either. It was good I know you will like it. Oh hey not a problem! I still need to get your package together. Feel free to write me anytime, I look forward to your email.

micha michelle said...

dearest kerry kate + rebecca,

sorry i've been missing-in-action as of late. i've been super lazy + without internet mostly during the holidays. i'm still without image capture capabilities, as well. i just got an external dvd burner, but the software it came with [nero 7] doesn't capture images. does ImgBurn allow you to capture dvd images. to bad WinDVD it's freeware. anyway, i hope to remedy the situation as soon as possible, and start contributing again.

i also have a few obscure hollow photography field-trips planned as well. i just need to be better about making time for excursions.

rebecca your haxan posts were amazing. definitley a movie i'd like to own one day. i'll have to check out whatever happend to aunt alice? as well.


October Effigies said...

Yes photos! cant wait to see them Micha. No worries we are so pleased to have you and understand completely. Looking forward to more of your posts! xo